Sony’s Vita TV allows you to play PS Vita titles on your TV, as well as stream services like Netflix, for about $99. Even though the device hasn’t gotten off to the strongest sales in Japan, Sony is still considering releasing its television-friendly Vita TV device in Western markets, according to Sony Computer Entertainment’s Andrew House.

Talking with Eurogamer, House stated that Sony still has plans to release the device on other markets, despite the fact it only sold 42,000 units during its launch week in Japan.

“The positioning of Vita TV may be different between Japan and some of the other markets,” he stated.

The $99 hardware, which enables playing of Vita, PlayStation Portable and PS One games on HDTV’s, could still find a niche in the market. “We think there’s a great opportunity to broaden the market, because you essentially remove the need to make the console purchase in order to have access to that experience,” added House. “It may sound counter intuitive, because, aren’t you replacing a business that is your bread and butter But part of being an innovative company is being a pioneer in new forms of distribution of content, and we would like to be there first and take a leadership role.”

The Vita TV device is currently only available in Japan.

Source: Eurogamer