It’s not enough that Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is a highly addictive game that can take hours of play to get into. Now, the company has gone and launched an in-game store where you can buy a number of goodies.

Detailed in a new post on the company’s page, Blizzard has explained what is available for purchase in the newly launched store, including a variety of pets and mounts that are ripe for the taking. Even better, players don’t even need to leave the game to make their purchases.

“Just click the Shop icon on the menu bar once you’ve logged in to a character, and you’ll be able to pick out a new friend to add to your collection and start your adventures together right away,” said the post. “By combining the best of cutting-edge goblin and gnomish technology, we’ve also made it possible for you to receive your new pal right in your inventory (or via mail if your inventory is full).”

For a limited time, several of these items are available for 50 percent off, both through the game and the official shop. The sale will last through January 2nd – perfect for some after-Christmas shopping.

Source: Polygon