Microsoft continues to make big changes with its Xbox One game console. Following the news that the Kinect will no longer be required to run games for it – as previously thought – the company has now introduced a new Home Gold plan that will let multiple players in a family take part in Xbox Live Gold membership.

The post at Xbox Wire features an explanation by Xbox VP Marc Whitten. It allows for a number of people to make use of the Gold-level features for the system, including streaming video services, online multiplayer and Skype, among others, even if the main account holder isn’t logged in to the system. In addition, rather than just being assigned to a specific account, anyone can now play any games downloaded to the system.

There’s no word on what pricing will be for the package, as it previously sold for $100 for four Xbox Live Gold accounts before Microsoft halted the sales. We’ll let you know once an official price is given. The Xbox One game system ships in November.

Source: Xbox News {link no longer active}