While the Xbox 360 is certainly a popular game console in today’s market, it hasn’t been without its problems. Many users have experienced the “red ring of death” over the years, which has resulted in the failure of their system when it comes to operations. This was usually attributed to cooling problems.

However, the Xbox One will avoid this problem. In disassembling of the system, iFixit located a “beefy cooling system” inside the hardware, which will allow it to keep the Xbox One at moderate temperatures so it doesn’t overheat and cause a system shutdown. In addition, if the heat-sink or fan ever do go bad on the console, replacing them is “easy-breezy” with simple amateur mechanics.

That said, it’s still advised you don’t take the system apart on your own, as it may void your warranty. iFixit learned that the Xbox One’s hard drive is a 500 GB 2.5 inch Samsung Spinpoint M8 SATA II model, and could be replaced with a larger one — but that will definitely void your warranty, and it’s not known if the Xbox One can deal with an unformatted hard drive in any case. Better to plug in a USB hard drive if you need more space, though that feature is not supported at launch (it’s planned for later).

Source: iFixit