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Advertising becomes increasingly competitive on Twitter around the end of the summer, and major brands rely on smart marketing and strategic distribution techniques to stand out. Here are two case studies of brands using influencers on Twitter to reach their targets in an effective way.


Back-to-school is a key campaign for marketers in the retail space. To leverage this trend, Walgreens and Clearasil partnered up for a timely campaign aiming to help teens feel #ClearlyConfident. This campaign educated followers on the importance of skincare and doubled as a helpline for teens and parents to learn more about Clearasil’s benefits and building teens’ confidence.

The brands reached out to influencers Makeba Giles and Jenny Ingram to help promote Clearasil skincare products through social media and blog posts, sharing content as parental advice to help combat their teen’s acne and prepare them for the first day of school.

Within a short period, #ClearlyConfident gained the attention of moms, mommy bloggers, and parents interested in fashion and beauty.

Clearasil has been inactive on Twitter since 2016, so leveraging popular influencers—particularly within the parental demographic—and using ads to boost their work on social media was key.

To amplify the hype, Walgreens contributed to the campaign by retweeting influencers’ posts—infographics, sweepstakes and positive advice. Although the campaign ran throughout the month, #ClearlyConfident trended briefly in the United States and spiked conversation to 4,800 mentions.


Sprint’s #LiveUnlimited campaign successfully took an influencer and community management approach. Taking a leap with influencer marketing, the mobile service provider strategically collaborated with their US and Latin teams to hit both markets with their message, which involved Latino/American influencers who fit the goal of the campaign to #LiveUnlimited.

In this campaign video, the brand diversified their social influencers from various lifestyle sectors to inspire consumers to live life their own way. The influential cast: Lele Pons, content creatorGerard Adams, motivational entrepreneur; Bradley Martyn, bodybuilder; Rachel Cook, model; and Prince Royce, musician. In the video, Sprint focused on driving their narrative by letting the talent be themselves.

Sprint’s community managers were also highly involved, responding to their audience and their talent’s audience with playful responses to their tweets.

Sprint’s campaign video was broadcast on Sprint, Sprint Latino, and the influencers’ social media channels as a method to further expand their messaging into other markets. The campaign began in late August and trended in the United States for 30 minutes, resulting in 6,311 mentions.