The push for Marvel Studios’ latest film, Captain America: Civil War, has begun and it’s taking the fight online.

Marvel has launched a new promotion alongside its partner, online ticket sales company Fandango, asking fans to choose a side on Twitter using the hashtag #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan.

While making positions publicly known is good fun, some lucky users are getting something back: a response from a member of the film’s cast. Actors like Paul Rudd, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie spent a good deal of time recording responses with popular names, which the Captain America Twitter then posted as replies to these users, making them seem like they’re actually talking to them.

A few samples are below. While most of them are positive, some express disappointment with the user’s decision to back the other team.

And of course, I decided to give it a shot…

The program has been a success thus far, with tens of thousands of responses. It’s the latest promotion to be introduced for Civil War for Twitter, following the debut of custom emojis for #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan, which arrived earlier this month.


With just under a month until the movie releases, Captain America: Civil War is getting huge promotional pushes with partners like Fandango, Pizza Hut and others launching their campaigns. New film clips are popping up online, including this one, where Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) meets up with Captain America (Chris Evans) and his team for the first time.

The film opens May 6th. Those that can’t get enough of Marvel’s media takeover can also enjoy the debut trailer for Benedict Cumberbatch’s upcoming Doctor Strange both online and on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and it performed well on social media. The late night talk show host is interviewing actors from Civil War and across the Marvel movie and TV show universe this week.