Here’s some of the interesting stories we found this week rummaging in the odd corners of the Internet. There’s some deep thoughts and a laugh or two for you to digest this weekend:

The Internet’s Original Sin: It was advertising, according to Ethan Zuckerman, one of the architects of this. It’s a long piece that’s thought-provoking. What should the Internet be like

Social Media Marketing is Dead: Jeff Fromm has an interesting take on this. Don’t be wary of the headline. Social media marketing isn’t dead, per se. It’s just a component of your ‘content excellence’ strategy.

Swing Copters, clones and the dismal failure of the ‘open’ app store: Ben Kuchera at Polygon tells it like he sees it. The trouble with an ‘open’ app store is the variety of attempts to mislead consumers trying to find the real game.

Ad of the Day: Bryan Cranston and Arron Paul Reunite in Audi’s Hilarious Emmys Promo: One of the best ads we’ve seen in a while, with a great twist at the end.

Does Journalism Have A Future : Something to consider when you think about the future of media.