The idea of playing around with augmented reality is still a fresh one, with more companies looking to integrate the technology with their products. The latest to do so is Snapchat, which recently added new 3D stickers for its millions of users to put into their videos, according to TechCrunch.


As you can see in the photo above, there are many great ways for these stickers to be put into video, whether it’s putting an emoji over the face of a cat, or putting a fake plane into a drawn skyline. These stickers can be put onto objects within a video and they will stay throughout, no matter what’s happening in it. This opens up a wealth of new opportunities for content creators and casual users alike.

What’s more, the process is quite painless. Snapchat fans simply record a video, tap the sticker button located at the top of the screen, put it in place over the object of choice, and hold it down to apply it.

Although Snapchat didn’t say much in regards to who put together the feature, TechCrunch found out that the team recently hired Eitan Pilipski, vice president of engineering from Vuforia, a company that specializes in augmented reality technology with “the power to connect experiences to specific things in the environment.” Its demonstration video below showcases just what it could do with AR, and you can see some of those elements in play with Snapchat’s stickers.

This is the latest addition to Snapchat’s video services, following the debut of an animated lens to further push creativity in user-created content. The 3D sticker update is available now on Android, and coming soon to iOS devices.