Snapchat, the popular social app that enables people to share pictures and other information with one another, may be looking to partner up with bigger and better companies to gain some exposure.

Digiday has reported that the company behind the popular social application has reached out to Comedy Central, Spotify and Vice as a possible tie-in with the forthcoming launch of Discover, a new section of the program that will enable users the opportunity to view articles, music and video that tie in with said companies.

In addition, as you can see from the mock-up art, the company has also been talking with other companies, including BuzzFeed, CNN, the Daily Mail, ESPN, National Geographic, Time Inc. (publishers of People Magazine), Hearst (Cosmopolitan Magazine) and popular YouTube music video service VEVO.

With this move, Snapchat is looking to shift into a larger area for media distribution, while opening up a possible revenue circle for the growing site. After all, it’s become quite popular, despite controversies surrounding certain photographic content that’s being shared (such as porn-related pictures).

With the promotional tie-ins, Snapchat would strengthen its service to be more on a casual level, especially if such companies as Hearst and National Geographic are in discussions. Both provide publications that are not only rich in visual content, but articles as well.

Through Discover, Snapchat is asking its potential partners to provide original content that fits into the style of the service. As a result, media companies would benefit in advertising in a different manner than usual sites, while Snapchat would obviously pocket a small portion of the revenue that generates from said ads.

There’s also no limitation in terms of the length of content on Discover. Snapchat isn’t looking for “bite-size” stories, as it will reportedly have no limit through the service in terms of how big a story can be.

It’ll be interesting to see who jumps on board the Discover service, as well as it does for Snapchat’s growing user base. Perhaps it’ll even expand it more, if the content is on the right track. Only time will tell at this rate.