This week, Google announced it will display ads on YouTube’s home feed and in search results, Tinder’s in-app video series is going international and Facebook gives creators and publishers greater access to brand partnerships and engagement insights.

YouTube Is Bringing Shopping Ads To Its Home Feed, Search Results  

According to Search Engine Journal, Google is letting brands tap into users’ shopping intent.

Why it matters: Google says nearly two-thirds of shoppers use online video as inspiration for their purchase and more than 90 percent of those shoppers say they’ve discovered new products and brands via YouTube.

The details: Users will now see visual shopping ads, tailored to their interests, on YouTube’s home feed and when conducting searches.

Tinder To Launch New Swipe Night In-App Series Outside The US

The move comes after the in-app video series drove double-digit increases in matches and messages.

Why it matters: The interactive video series was a departure for the dating app that resonated so well with Gen Z users that Tinder will take it international in 2020.

The details: Tinder’s “Swipe Night” allowed users to swipe on a story, the narrative for which they could customize, a style format popularized by Netflix. The in-app series led to a 20 to 25 percent increase in likes and a 30 percent increase in matches. Additionally, the series boosted female engagement on the app.

Facebook Announces Expanded Access To Brand Collabs Manager

Initially, the “Brand Collabs Manager” tool was only open to a limited set of creators.

Why it matters: With greater access to partnership opportunities and deeper insights, creators and publishers alike will be able to make content that resonates with their audience.

The details: Introduced last year, “Brand Collabs Manager” is a database of potential Facebook and Instagram users that businesses can connect with to arrange partnerships. Now, creators in over 40 countries can apply for access to “Brand Collabs Manager.” To qualify, creators must have at least 1,000 followers, and either have 15,000 engagements on their posts over the last month or have 180,000 minutes viewed. Facebook also rolled out new data insights to its Creator Studio, called “Traffic Source Insights,” with the goal of helping publishers and creators better understand their content’s engagement. 

Twitter To Personalize Users Experience Based On Interest In Topics

Social Media Today reported that Twitter’s new feature will enable users to follow specific topics.

Why it matters: Twitter is looking to simplify the way users stay in touch with conversations of interest and boost engagement on the platform.

The details: Twitter will present prompts to follow topics and personalize users’ experience based on their interest in the specific topic. The platform may also match users with other topics they think they’re interested in based on their profile and activity, such as the tweets they view or like. Twitter has curated listings to cover over 300 topics of general interest. These listings will be formulated via a combination of machine learning and human creation. 

Twitter Exploring Major Changes To Retweets And Mentions

According to The Verge, Twitter is testing new anti-harassment features that could impact the very nature of the platform.

Why it matters: The ability to disable a retweet on specific tweets gives users protection against misinterpreted tweets going viral. Additionally, another potential feature that would prevent other users from mentioning you without permission, however, counters the call-out culture that’s foundational to Twitter.

The details: Twitter’s vice president of design and research yesterday tweeted a list of features he’s looking forward to in 2020 including an option to remove yourself from a conversation, the option to disable a retweet on a tweet, the option to not let people mention you without your permission and removing a mention from a conversation.

WhatsApp Announces New Group Privacy Settings 

The new invite system gives users more privacy.

Why it matters: Before today, the group privacy setting was only available in India. The now globally available privacy feature will help reduce spam.

The details: WhatsApp is giving users three levels of group invite privacy options including “Everyone,” an option that allows any users to add you to a group, “My Contacts” an option to let anyone in your phone’s contacts add you to a group and “My Contacts Except” which lets certain contacts add you to a group. Should someone not from any of the aforementioned categories try adding you, the group admin will be prompted to send the user an invite via a private WhatsApp message.

Facebook To Implement Limits On Number Of Ads Each Page Can Run

The update will start rolling out in mid-2020.

Why it matters: According to Facebook, running too many ads could lead to poor overall ad performance, which would, in turn, reduce overall ad spend. 

The details: Facebook said it will limit the number of ads each page can run at the same time, a change that will “impact just a small percentage of advertisers.” It explained that when running many ads at the same time, “fewer ads exit the learning phase and more budget is spent before the delivery system can optimize an ad’s performance.”

YouTube Launches Animated “Super Stickers” For Creators

The stickers will give creators more ways to earn money and connect with fans. 

Why it matters: With new stickers, YouTube is giving creators more ways to deepen their connection with their fans and make more money at the same time.

The details: YouTube’s new stickers were inspired by its “Super Chat feature,” which allows fans to purchase messages that stand out within a live chat and premieres. The super stickers’ initial release come with eight distinct sticker packs including translated packs for English, French, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese. 

Pinterest’s Q3 Report Shows 47 Percent Increase In Revenue

The platform’s latest performance update reveals increases in both revenue and usage for the third quarter of 2019.

Why it matters: Though it saw a 47 percent increase in revenue, Pinterest’s growth is slower than previous quarters. Its commitment to expand on-platform buying options will allow it to capitalize on its capacity as a product discovery and purchase engine for consumers. While Pinterest’s double-digit growth in international monthly active users (MAU) reflects the platform’s potential for ongoing expansion.

The details: This quarter, Pinterest added 22 million more MAU, making its total MAU 322 million, a 28 percent increase year-over-year. Comparatively, in the same period, Snapchat added 7 million additional daily active users while Facebook added 36 million MUA. Pinterest’s international MUA saw a 38 percent increase and its revenue grew to $280 million.

WhatsApp Lets iOS Users Watch Netflix Trailers Directly In App

Engadget reports insights into the new feature which hasn’t officially been announced yet. 

Why it matters: The feature gives users added incentive to remain within WhatsApp while communicating with friends and family about new Netflix shows or planned viewing events. 
The details: This feature only pertains to trailers. WhatsApp users who want to stream a full movie or show will still have to do so in the Netflix app.

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