The Shorty Awards is an international awards competition that honors the best people, brands and organizations on social and digital media. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this season, the Shorty Awards have become the leading resource for discovering the most popular platforms, content, strategies and industry trends that are changing the way consumers interact with their favorite brands in the new age of marketing. In this inside look, their team shares insights and top content that are influencing overall trends in social media and digital marketing in 2018.

Diversify Platforms

Based on the trends of the 2017 Shorty Awards, brands are seeing the most amount of success when not doubling down on a single platform but engaging consumers in each of their preferred platforms with a cohesive and farther reaching strategy. Here’s an award-winning case study that explains how Google used analytics to support a multi-platform news campaign during the 2016 Olympics.

Combine Old & New Media

As much as social media continues to grow, marketers are still seeing a lot of success when it is coupled with more traditional marketing strategies. Brands who can successfully bring these different worlds together can use the power of social media to bring their campaigns to the next level. Last year’s winner, HBO’s Westworld Campaign, shows how they broke past traditional campaign limits to bring a digital campaign to life.

All Content Is Branded

Brands need to think creatively about the way their content is consumed to decide if their branding can be overt or more subtle. Brands are finding that the more natural incorporation of branded content is an effective strategy, as seen from this winner, Royal Caribbean, who produced a highly rated branded series starring well-known social media influencers.

Video, Video, Video…

Video is one of the fastest-growing forms of content that marketers are using on social media. Brands that are able to master the perfect recipe of length, content and creativity will stand out, much like this winning campaign by Dollar Shave Club that successfully used long-form video to produce mind-numbing ads that their audience just couldn’t stop watching.

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