Twitter continues to expand its user base by introducing new features to its mobile app. This week, it’s all about stickers, as well as a new dashboard, that’s set to draw in small businesses.

The company’s new virtual stickers can be put onto posted photos, similar to what Snapchat does with its various promoted filters. There are hundreds of different sticker types available, including many accessories like sunglasses, a king’s crown and masks ranging from animals to clowns.

On top of that, Twitter expects to release more themed sticker packs, as it’s done with recent “start of summer” and graduation packs. This could also open the door for potential marketing partners to offer their own sets of stickers. For example, ghosts stickers could be used to promote the new Ghostbusters movie.

Better still, users can search for stickers by using a hashtag search engine, and they can be searched to see how they’re being used in different user photos. Stickers are meant to fit on any photo, since they can be resized, rotated and layered with ease.


The feature is currently in its test phase now, but it is expected to roll out to all mobile users within the next couple of weeks.

Sticker fans aren’t the only ones benefitting from Twitter this week, as another app will help out small businesses.

The company’s new Dashboard app lets business owners track social buzz about products and certain hashtags, as well as the ability to schedule tweets and see how well particular promotions form with tweets. Auto-generated ideas will also be provided in an effort to help create better messages down the road.

Bigger businesses already benefit from Twitter’s partnership program, so the idea behind the Dashboard is to help smaller businesses get off the ground. It’s a variation of the Engage app the company introduced last week, which is meant to help influencers and celebrities do pretty much the same thing when it comes to outreach.

The Dashboard app is already available to download for both web and iOS, for those that want to see what it has to offer. Smaller businesses should definitely give it a try.