Instagram has become more of a mobile-social platform as of late, as well as a boon to advertisers looking to reach out to its large user base. Now, Simply Measured, taking a look at the Interbrand top 100 list on the site, has managed to come up with a list of findings that many marketers will find useful moving forward, according to Adweek.

The 14 points that the company brings up are as follows…

— During the third quarter of 2012, 54 of the top too brands from Interbrand had Instagram accounts. However, two years later, that number has managed to rise up to 86.

— 73 percent of those 86 brands manage to post at least one photo or video per week. This is a year-over-year rise in the past two years, with the total number going up to 20.

— As far as audiences go, the top 100 brands manage to have more than 10,000 followers, an increase of 34 percent year-over-year, finally getting to 62 companies this year.

— 15 of these brands have more than one million followers. Nike leads the charge with 7.3 million.

— Average engagement rate has risen 415 percent this quarter alone, compared to two years ago. The top brands manage over 18,000 likes and comments, nearly six times the numbers from 2012.

— Those on the Interbrand list manage an average of 216 comments, with 50 percent coming in the first six hours. 75 percent of user comments overall post within the first 48 hours, though comments come approximately after 13 days.

— Highest-performing images and videos get popularity a little later on, with more than 50 percent of comments coming 13 hours or so after the post initially goes up.

— Average captions go about 138 characters, although that has no great effect on engagement rate.

— Mentions go a long way, as posts that use another user’s name or mention gets 56 percent more engagement overall. Only 36 percent of brand posts use at least one mention.

— 88 percent of posts include a hashtag of some sort, however, only 91 percent of posts use seven or less overall.

— Posts that use a single hashtag manage to get 12.6 percent more engagement, probably due to lack of overkill

— Only five percent of Instagram posts use a location, although the ones that do manage to get 79 percent more engagement.

— Our four big media firms from the Interbrand list are still on Instagram, but they manage 62 percent more posts per month compared to others. Approximately 24,000 engagements follow per post, with over 5,000 more likes and comments compared to others.

— Finally, carmakers really thrive on Instagram, with 13 Interbrand top 100 names making the list.

Could these trends pick up in 2015 It’s more than likely.