Adobe announced today that it’s adding what it calls Dynamic Creative Optimization, or DCO, to the Adobe Marketing Cloud, according to VentureBeat. The capability means that customized ads can be served up through a programmatic ad platform, and display ads can be customized on-the-fly to any group of users down to a single user, if so desired. Programmatic ads have already reached an all-time high, as we reported back in July. This technology should drive the category forward even further.

Adobe’s also added the ability for self-service of display ads in its Media Optimizer, along with new integration with anti-fraud service Integral Ad Science. That should help advertisers detect problems with viewability, traffic fraud , and brand safety.

The new Programmatic Platform represents a streamlining of the solution, director of product marketing Tim Waddell told VentureBeat. Adobe s ambition, Waddell said, is to take the notoriously complex and disparate pieces of the programmatic ad environment and integrate them into a relatively simplified, relatively transparent operation. It’s a vision that should help Adobe gain ground over competitors like Oracle’s Marketing Cloud and Google’s myriad capabilities in the ad space.