Big Fish Games is the world’s largest producer and distributor of casual games, having distributed more than 2.5 billion games since its founding in 2002. The company has a catalog of 450+ mobile games and over 3,500 PC games, and has the top-grossing mobile social casino game in Big Fish Casino. The company’s Video Game Stats Database is a recent innovation, and it’s serving up some fascinating facts about games. The [a]listdaily spoke with Big Fish marketing manager Conor Murphy to find out more.

Conor Murphy

When did Big Fish decide to create the Video Game Statistics Database, and why?

The video game database was launched in March. Our goal is to create a video game information repository. We wanted to construct a way to explore facts and stats in an accessible and interesting way, integrating text and infographics.

How do you choose what content to put into the Database?

Our core topics for the Stats Database are mobile, casual, and international gaming, but we’ve mixed in a number of broader industry statistics that we find interesting even if they go outside of the types of games Big Fish Games produces. For the most part we’re focusing on third party research and statistics at the moment, with some additional analysis done by our content team when we find raw data.

What’s been the most popular infographic in the Database?

We’ve received some great interaction from our Facebook fans on graphics like the “The Gamification of Scientific Discovery“. We’ve also had some positive industry response on “Where Mobile Games are Played.”

What are the demographics of Big Fish’s audience?

Our audience is really diverse, so it depends a lot on which Big Fish game we’re looking at. Our hidden object games are played by a different audience than Gummy Drop or Fairway Solitaire, and even within a single game like Big Fish Casino we see a wide variety of customer segments between Texas Hold ’em, Slots, and Roulette.

While we have a few entries that are more relevant to the traditional console gamer, we’ve focused on keeping the Stats Database interesting to a broad group of people, even our fans that don’t think of themselves as video gamers.

What topics are you planning to cover in the Database in the future?

The core topics of mobile, casual, and international gaming are changing so rapidly that we don’t expect to run out of content ideas in the near future, but we’re always looking for interesting data and research to cover.



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