After a spectacular trailer showing Robinson: The Journey, Crytek (Crysis, CryEngine) continues to push the virtual reality envelope. The Climb will take players on a grand rock climbing experience where they can enjoy breathtaking vistas without all the sweat and pain of actually climbing. It might even help you get over your fear of heights.

[a]listdaily speaks to Crytek’s Executive Producer, Elijah Freeman, about where the climb might take you.

ResizedImage300450 Elijah Freeman 1Tell us about what The Climb is and what inspired it.

The Climb is a free solo rock climbing experience in VR. The game was inspired by a sense of exploration, our exploration of a new medium and our desire to explore new exciting environments.

How are you promoting The Climb  

VR is all about the experience; the best promotion is to allow the gamer to play the game. Recently we have invited press to Frankfurt to try The Climb directly.

Is it OK to look down while playing The Climb

The Climb is built on the premise of sense of scale and verticality, your immersion would only be amplified by “looking down†In addition, this would allow you to experience more of the incredible environment.

Between The Climb and Robinson: The Journey, it looks like Crytek will be a big part of VR. What is your approach to making a stand experiences on emerging technology

At Crytek Innovation is in our DNA, we thrive on emerging technologies. The games that we are currently building emerged organically from our exploration of the VR tech available today. As long as we can build fun comfortable gaming experiences, Crytek will continue to push the envelope on VR technology. 

In what ways do you think VR will impact gaming in the coming years

As with all new mediums, virtual reality is providing new and interesting challenges for game developers. I believe that the demand for visual fidelity will continue to increase; developers will need to evaluate their engine and hardware choices.

What do you think are the most important things to keep in mind as VR technology continues to grow

As developers, we need to keep in mind that technology is only half of the solution and that we need to make responsible decisions that take advantage of any technical advancement available to provide the most comfortable and fun experience possible.