During this 206th episode of “Marketing Today,” I interview Lauren Sallata, chief marketing officer at Panasonic Corporation of North America.


Today we talk about Panasonic’s new campaign launching for the 2020 Olympics, what that partnership means, and how they’re going to leverage it both for the marketplace effects as well as with their employees. The interview occurred before the one-year postponement of the 2020 Olympics. We also talk about Sallata’s career and her life outside of work in service and foundation work.

Sallata begins by discussing her board service. As we learn about the path her career has taken, Sallata reminds us to “Learn to walk in your customer’s shoes.” She updates our view of Panasonic as a brand and emphasizes Panasonic’s global position. She says, “The red thread that runs through all of our solutions is sustainability and contribution to society.” Then we learn about Panasonic’s long-term commitment to the Olympic Games. Panasonic’s ambitious new ad campaign, #whatmovesus, tells us a lot about where the brand is today and where it plans to be going forward. Sallata also shares some insight into Panasonic’s partnership with Harvard Business Review. This conversation shows us how a brand with a long legacy can continue to be innovative and forward-thinking.

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Lauren discusses how she thinks about service outside of work. 01:28
  • Lauren shares details about where she has been in her career. 03:10
  • How Panasonic is different in North America vs. the rest of the world. 05:37
  • Panasonic’s long commitment to the Olympics. 08:14
  • Panasonic’s plans for their 2020 Olympic partnership, #whatmovesus. 09:43
  • How employees are getting engaged through #whatmovesus. 13:23
  • Lauren describes other objectives for the #whatmovesus campaign. 15:16
  • Initial results from Panasonic’s partnership with Harvard Business Review. 16:45
  • Is there an experience in her past that defines who she is today? 18:50
  • What is the advice Lauren would give to her younger self? 20:28
  • Are there any brands, companies, or causes that Lauren follows that she thinks other people should take notice of? 23:12
  • What are the top opportunities or threats facing marketers today? 24:06

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