Jenny Rooney is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Black Glass CMO House, a new membership club for CMOs, focused on empowering, inspiring, and supporting the person behind the title. Before starting CMO House, Jenny spent over a decade with the Forbes CMO Network team, where she managed content and events critical to executive-level marketing decision-makers.

In this episode, Jenny and I discuss defining your unique skills and purpose. Jenny shares that the CMO role is full of nuance, and, to be successful, you have to embrace the “and” that comes with it.

Listen to learn how to uncover your marketing superpowers and harness them for holistic growth.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The importance of empathy as a CMO
  • The power of defining your skills and purpose
  • What it means to focus on “and” not “or” as a CMO

Things to listen for:

  • [01:00] Jenny’s career path
  • [04:00] What differentiates CMO House from other organizations
  • [07:35] Welcoming diverse perspectives
  • [09:00] Qualities of great CMOs
  • [11:00] Weathering challenges in marketing
  • [15:30] Adapting to new ways of working with tight constraints
  • [19:30] Clarifying your skills and purpose
  • [24:00] Approaching the metaverse
  • [27:30] Using business for good
  • [31:00] The role of CMOs in driving growth
  • [34:00] Re-defining creativity
  • [37:15] Transitioning from CMO to CEO
  • [40:00] Embracing the nuance of the CMO role
  • [44:45] What marketers need to learn more about

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