In this episode, Michelle and I discuss our mentors and role models, Michelle’s priorities as CMO, and why hearing directly from customers helps her ensure Skillsoft is preparing today’s workforce for tomorrow’s economy.

Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek is a big proponent of continual learning and believes development and growth should be accessible to all. She is passionate about making learning fun and gets to do just that as CMO at Skillsoft. As CMO, she is responsible for leading the global marketing strategy and increasing demand for Skillsoft’s solutions by understanding people don’t want to be marketed to; they want to be communicated with.

 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What jobs will be most in demand in the future and the current skills gap
  • The importance of marketers who also understand the financials of the business
  • Why Michelle puts such an emphasis on investing in leadership training

 Key Highlights

  • [01:25] Michelle’s Professional and Personal Role Models
  • [06:30] Michelle’s journey to becoming CMO of Skillsoft
  • [10:15] What is Skillsoft and who do they serve?
  • [13:45] Most in-demand roles and the skill gap
  • [14:15] Skillsofts tops 3 business priorities
  • [16:40] Skillsofts top 4 marketing priorities
  • [20:40] The importance of cross-functional training and curiosity
  • [23:00] The importance of training first-time managers
  • [25:40] Sustainability initiatives at Skillsoft
  • [29:15] How 9/11 impacted Michelle’s leadership style
  • [35:05] Learn to give yourself grace
  • [37:10] Markets have to be business people first
  • [38:25] Brands and causes that are impressing Michelle right now
  • [40:30] The threat of not investing in training for the future
  • [41:25] The importance of values alignments and authentic communication

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