Activision Blizzard surprised the market at the company’s annual BlizzCon convention at the Anaheim Convention Center last week by giving more detail around their grand plan for the new dedicated eSports division to be headed up by ex-ESPN CEO Steve Bornstein and Major League Gaming (MLG) founder Mike Sepso. 

[a]listdaily spoke Mike Sepso to talk about his views on the evolution of eSports since he co-founded Major League Gaming 13 years ago.

“The most important difference between now and then is that eSports is very much at the core of the game development process now,” said Sepso.

He also outlined the role for Activision Blizzard’s new eSports division in the ecosystem where he says “Everything is on the table,” working on developing eSports around games from other publishers and new innovative, non-disruptive advertising formats.

“As we start develop Activision Blizzard Media Network, part of what we’ll be doing is coming up with innovative ways of using that engagement as an advertising channel that is not disruptive to the experience.”

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