Eye catching beach on Military Island, Times Square

Eye catching beach on Military Island, Times Square

Nintendo spent a hot and humid New York City Thursday in the middle of Times Square, turning Military Island (that strip that resides smack in the middle of the square) into a beachgoers paradise to celebrate the release of Wii Sports Resort.

The sequel to the pack-in title that comes with every Nintendo Wii system was free to play for any tourist that came up, and gaggles of young girls showed up just to hang out with one of Gossip Girl‘s stars, Chace Crawford.

We’ve already received our copy of Wii Sports Resort and, if you had fun with the original, this one is even better.  Shame about it coming with only one Wii Motion Plus accessory, but our table tennis elbow is still developing rather nicely.

Also we have to note that, of all the Nintendo promotions in recent years, this one was fantastically executed, with just the right spot and right concept to engage with consumers and make the blogosphere rounds.

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