Ryan Fleisch is Adobe’s Head of Product Marketing and Real-Time CDP and Audience Manager. Being a lifelong chess player, it makes sense that he is passionate about looking beyond the immediate use cases of AI and trying to understand and anticipate ways the technology will impact workflows and the nature of marketing in the future. He learned from his dad that “the day you stop learning is the day your career becomes nothing more than a job.” This wisdom has kept him intellectually curious and lends itself perfectly to the cutting-edge work being done at Adobe.

In this episode, Ryan and I discuss customer data platforms, what makes Adobe’s CDP “real-time,” new features to help businesses operate effectively in the cookieless world, and how generative AI will transform how companies use data. At Adobe, “real-time” isn’t a buzzword; it’s a key component they have been optimizing since day one. They have built a globally distributed network of servers to be able to handle data and use it in milliseconds. This network allows Adobe’s Real-Time CDP users to collect data, manage it, process it, and immediately use it to understand customer intent and activate strategies. In addition to the immediacy of the tool, Adobe has launched a new open framework that allows them to work with data providers to compile consented, non-cookie-based data into their platform in a private, safe way. Once businesses effectively collect and manage their first-party data, many are unsure exactly what to do with it. This is where Adobe’s new use-case playbooks come in handy. These tools are built into the CDP and give businesses guided workflows based on their specific business objectives. Ryan tells us one of the many uses for generative AI in marketing is helping marketers understand and recognize missed opportunities hidden in the mass of data. He highlights Adobe Sensei GenAI as one such tool.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The three critical components that make Adobe’s CDP “real-time”
  • The main things to consider when selecting a CDP
  • Use cases for generative AI with customer data

 Key Highlights

  • [01:25] What is Adobe Real-Time CDP?
  • [02:55] What new things are available?
  • [04:35] A 3D view of the customer
  • [05:20] Real-world applications and activations
  • [06:20] Use Case playbooks
  • [07:10] It’s all generative.
  • [08:00] What to think about when you are selecting your CDP
  • [09:40] Key takeaways from the Adobe Summit
  • [11:30] Advice from Dad
  • [12:20] Looking beyond the immediate use cases for AI
  • [12:55] Checkmate

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