It’s always nice to see an incentive that ties in with advertising, whether it’s an offer for a discount on a meal during your next visit or a free promotional goodie given during an upcoming stop-in. Now, it appears a number of companies are embracing a new program that rewards users for simply watching its branded videos.

AMC, McDonald’s, Trident and Hollywood studios are working with video platform Klip Rewarded Video to greet consumers with branded videos, providing a number of achievements to unlock based simply upon their viewing habits.

The platform uses an “achievement moments in apps” system, which presents customers with media content as bonus rewards, which can also tie-in virtual currency to be used on items, as well as special digital coupons.

“Our research showed that the favorability for a brand with a typical mobile banner ad began to decline with the more people who were exposed to it,” said Brian Wong, CEO of Klip. “We’re trying to send a message to brand that just being in mobile is not sufficient; you may cause a detrimental effect.

“We see an opportunity and responsibility to create a product to increase favorability, which is what we see with Klip rewards,” he continued.

Klip Rewarded Video has come in handy for many companies to reward fans and provide more worthwhile experiences when it comes to branded videos. With it, user engagement has increased, and direct-to-retail consumption has picked up as well, generating actual moments instead of just general impressions.

AMC has already hit the ground running with the program, advertising its fourth season of The Walking Dead, which premieres next month. Once users reach a particular level with the tie-in game Into the Dead, they get the ability to watch a special clip promoting the forthcoming season.

The videos also provide the ability to tie storytelling in. “I really think the tools allow brands to story tell are quite limited,” he said. “The story needs to be oriented around the user experience.”

Hollywood studios have played a big part as well, with unlockable bonus clips from such films as Hercules and The Wolf of Wall Street.

What do you think Would a rewards program such as this make advertising videos much easier to consume

Source: Mobile Marketer