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Instagram Influencers Are Creating Their Own TV-Style Ad Breaks

“Instagram influencers are starting to put their own placeholders before and after their sponsored posts, similar to an ad break on TV.”

Why it matters: Concerns around disclosure could be this practice into hot water with the Advertising Standards Authority.

China’s Live Streaming Boom
Vogue Business

Rounding up the key trends propelling China’s live streaming boom.

Why it matters: Follow the money. According to a report from Deloitte, the Chinese live streaming market reached $4.4 billion in 2018, growing 37 percent over the previous year.

Can Influencers Rule Online Marketing In The Post-Cookie World?

The direct connection that influencers have with their audiences could be a solution to the impending end of the third-party cookie.

Why it matters: “The influencers themselves have access to the first-party data from their own followers, data they can legally share in aggregated, anonymized form for a specific campaign, with a specific brand. It can be a gold mine for smart companies.”

Keds Puts A Print Catalog At The Center Of Its New Marketing Strategy

Brands are experimenting with print campaigns as digital ads have become more prohibitive due to the array of competition.

Why it matters: “Anything and everything is fair game now. It’s a battle for engagement across all touchpoints. And sometimes an unconventional use of conventional media is a great way to relevantly connect.”

South by Southwest Is Not Canceled Despite Coronavirus Concerns

SXSW is still scheduled despite numerous cancelations from the likes of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook, Mashable, Amazon Studios and Intel due to fears over the spread of Coronavirus.

Why it matters: SXSW drew a crowd of 417,400 people last year, but so far organizers are undaunted by the potential spread of Coronavirus. Are you still attending or has your organization changed its plans for Austin this year? Let us know by shooting us an email at editorial@alistdaily.com.

Missguided Rapped By ASA For ‘Presenting Women As Sexual Objects’
The Drum

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) has banned a recent ad from retailer Missguided for being too sexually suggestive and reducing the depicted model to a “sexual object.”

Why it matters: While Missguided’s ad purports to promote female empowerment, the result of the ASA’s arbitration brands it as sexist indicating a sensitivity around even the suggestion of sex in advertisements.

Inside The 2020 Campaign Messaging War That’s Pelting Our Phones With Texts
Fast Company

A look at how P2P texts from 2020 U.S. presidential hopefuls are having an effect on voters, including how such communication is possible via a loophole in federal law.

Why it matters: In short, the effectiveness of P2P texts has a lot to do with how people use messaging versus telephone calls and emails, as well as demographics.

Will Loyalty Programs Gain Renewed Value In A Cookie-Less Era?
Marketing Dive

Brands are adopting loyalty programs, a trend that is expected to grow as third-party cookies go the way of the dodo.

Why it matters:
Loyalty programs could limit the disruptions due to major consumer privacy initiatives by providing a stop-gap for tracking and attribution. “Consumers understand, at this point, that their data is the currency by which they barter. They just want to know that everything is above board. Loyalty programs can be a lot clearer or easier to understand in terms of how that happens.”

‘Mad Men’ Fans Can Peek Inside Don Draper’s Apartment With This 3D Re-Creation
Ad Age

WeWork’s head of visualization, Greg Rogers, lovingly recreated Don Draper’s Manhattan apartment in 3D from scratch.

Why it matters: A note to the creatives out there: if you’re feeling uninspired or drained, take it offline and invest your time in a creative project like Rogers has done.

Unilever Achieves 50/50 Gender Balance Across Global Leadership

A year ahead of its goal to achieve gender balance among its management, Unilever now has the same number of women as men in global leadership positions for the first time.

Why it matters: In the words of Unilever’s chief executive, Alan Jope: “Women’s equality is the single greatest unlock for social and economic development globally and having a gender-balanced workforce should be a given, not something that we aspire to.”

Do Most Businesses Have An Overarching Audience Data Strategy?
Marketing Profs

Recent research from Winterberry Group and the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) suggests that only 16 percent of survey respondents said that they are successfully implementing an overarching strategy to govern practices around dealing with audience data.

Why it matters: Major upcoming data protection initiatives like CCPA will necessitate that marketers develop a sound strategy around collecting and managing audience data.

Tackling Identity’s Biggest Challenges In A Cookieless World
Marketing Dive

Review the basic challenges around ‘identity’ and familiarize yourself with the four components to building an identity solution in light of Google’s announcement to end support for third-party cookies.

Why it matters: Has your organization given thought to what the end of the cookie means for resolving identities?

Nonprofits And Consumer Brands Borrow From Each Other’s Playbook To Engage Millennials
Marketing Dive

Nonprofits are taking a page from consumer brands by tapping into Millennial audiences, while consumer brands are appealing to audiences with more than just their products by putting purpose first.

Why it matters: Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places.

Mashable And Intel Are The Latest Brands To Pull Out Of SXSW
Ad Age

Mashable and Intel won’t be attending SXSW this year due to fears about the spread of Coronavirus. SXSW officials are moving forward, nonetheless.

Why it matters: You might have a clear calendar next week, if Coronavirus has anything to do with it. Track the latest announcements to see how your trip to SXSW may be affected.

The Best Leaders Are Versatile Ones
Harvard Business Review

An examination of why the capacity for versatility is so important for leaders.

Why it matters: Versatility is an important capacity to have as a leader, since versatile leaders have “more engaged employees and higher performing teams,” among a number of other positives.

Why You Need To Break Down Marketing Silos
Ad Age

While siloing business functions makes sense in terms of decentralization, the practice can lead to a host of communication issues between teams that should share common goals.

Why it matters: Silos cause redundancy, harm business,cause a lack of cohesiveness and lead to the development of inconsistent customer experiences, among other problems.

Which C-Suite Leader Has The Most Confidence In The CMO? You Won’t Believe The Answer

“A new study from Deloitte […] of 575 executives across the C-suite found that the CEO is the C-suite leader with the greatest trust in the CMO.”

Why it matters: This one is a case of perception vs. reality, especially regarding the notion that CEOs are largely disappointed in CMOs and lack confidence in them. This new Deloitte study says otherwise.

CMOs Lose Status As Companies Shift Spending To Technology
Marketing Dive

“The number of companies that said CMOs were among their best-paid officers fell 35 percent from 1999 to 2017 as the compensation for technology executives surged, per a study of company filings by the Harvard Business Review.”

Why it matters: “The data suggests the importance of CMOs has declined, supporting the researchers’ earlier assessment that marketing is less valued today than it once was.”

Four Seasons Checks In To Podcasts With Influencer-Led Travel Series
Mobile Marketer

A new podcast series from Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts encourages travelers to make use of the extra time they have due to leap year.

Why it matters: In a 2019 study from BBC Global News, branded or corporate podcasts were found to be more effective to reach consumers than TV or radio ads. The result indicated that “podcasts out-performed TV ads by 22 percent on measures of engagement, emotional intensity and memory encoding.”

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