As the Head of Ad Marketing at Roku, Jordan Rost helps marketers understand shifting media behavior, re-imagine storytelling for the Streaming Decade, and make better ads. Prior to joining Roku, Jordan held leadership roles at Google, Nielsen, Adaptly, and Accenture.

On the show today, Jordan and I discuss why buyers should prioritize streaming in their ad strategy and why Roku expects this year to be the first truly streaming-first Upfront. They also dive into the ways media is changing and how to tailor ad experiences to your audience.

Listen in to learn more.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to achieve brand impact and measurability with streaming ads
  • The future of Upfronts
  • Ways to tailor experiences to your audience

Key Highlights

  • [02:30] Jordan’s guiding principle on his journey to Roku
  • [04:30] Orienting to consumers’ perspectives
  • [08:30] Opportunities for performance marketing on streaming platforms
  • [14:30] The future of Upfronts
  • [17:00] Delivering better audience experiences
  • [21:00] Incorporating brand stories in streaming naturally
  • [23:30] Experiences that define Jordan
  • [24:30] Jordan’s advice for his younger self
  • [25:30] What marketers should be learning more about
  • [30:30] The biggest opportunity for marketers today

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