Microsoft today announced the rebranding of the XNA Community as Xbox Live Indie Games, a destination for up and coming developers to show off and sell their wares.

These are games that go through a bit of a different approval process; a bit easier, and never involving a major publisher (except for Microsoft itself).

These games have been on sale for a couple of years at $5 and $10 price tags, but Microsoft is probably taking a note from Apple’s iPhone games in adding a $1 option for developers.  The only catch is the game file has to be less than 50MB.

This seems like the perfect incubator for great, independent ideas that may not make it through to a larger audience.

We wonder how many smart, savvy marketing executives are looking through the catalog of indie games, trying to find inexpensive talent to launch effective games that could easily be sold against.  Get to it.

[XNA announcement] {link no longer active}