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5 Trends in Mobile Gaming: What to look for in the coming year in mobile gaming.

Mobile Video Driving Brand Marketing: When it comes to mobile, video is key.

Facebook’s Answer to Reddit is ‘Rooms’: Facebook’s latest mobile app has a *lot* to offer marketers.

Online Gaming Not Welcome To Women: Houston… the Internet has a problem here.

Ello Expands, Raising $5.5 Million: The anti-advertising social platform raising everyone’s eyebrows has raised a mighty number.

YouTube is the Most-Used Social Network for 14-17 Year-Olds: It’s not Facebook and it’s all about mobile video.

Mapping the MMO Market: SuperData ranks the world’s top 10 MMO’s.

Global Games Revenues to Reach $25 Billion in 2014: Mobile is on track to surpass console revenue.

Programmatic, Meet Native: Programmatic and native advertising are quickly growing. Here’s what it means for mobile.

Game Developers: “We Will Never Accept Threats, Hate, Violence or Sexism”: Game developers sign a petition in response to #Gamergate.

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifinakis and Brad Pitt: A must-see.

Here Are 10 Must-See Stats From This Week in Digital Marketing: Adweek collects a list crucial to your digital marketing know-how.

How Google’s New ‘Inbox’ Product for Gmail Could Change Email Forever: It’s about time email got a serious update.

This Game Has Huge Potential. So Why Is Its Kickstarter Tanking : The Black Glove comes from some of the folks who made Bioshock, so what’s up