Sometimes a hit mobile game needs a little time to grow in stature — but once it does, it can become a bonafide hit. That’s certainly the case with Big Huge Games’ real-time strategy game DomiNations, which has managed to work its way up the Western mobile charts.

Pocket Gamer recently broke down the success of the game, a strategy game built by team members who previously worked on such hits as Rise of Nations and Civilization II — experience that has certainly paid off. Published through the Nexon M. mobile publishing arm, the game has managed to perform remarkably well, despite the fact that it hasn’t launched in overseas markets just yet, like China or Japan.

Using a fair monetization system (depending on what players want from the “build a base and destroy others” gameplay set-up), it has managed to work its way into the top 50 top grossing apps for the iPhone. In addition, it’s ranking very well on the iPad in both the U.S. and U.K. markets — and could gross even more money over the long-term, if the numbers are any indication.

The chart above shows the success of the iPad game thus far, and while Australian numbers look a little rocky compared to the other markets, it’s still showing enough consistency that it could catch back up in the long-term.

Meanwhile, the iPhone version shows much more consistency with the three markets, with the U.K. only seeing a slight dip for a day before measuring out again.

To see how close some markets can really be, check out the chart above, which shows how DomiNations is performing in France and Germany. As you can see, the numbers are far closer than in previous markets, showing that the game has held steady over the course of April, with no lapses to speak of.

The strength of DomiNations in the short time since it’s been released indicates just what kind of staying power certain mobile games have, even if they require a little consistency before they find their place on the charts. The game has been a great success for the team thus far, and with Nexon more than likely planning a release to more overseas markets, its rise to power isn’t going to stop soon.

Players interested in DomiNations can download it here.