Abbey Klaassen’s weekly chart lists the top 10 viral videos from last week, with number of views for the week and percentage change in views for videos that stayed on the chart.

Microsoft s weekly streak continues, this time to the company s chagrin perhaps.  Entering the chart is Microsoft’s Hosting Your Party, a video that was apparently never intended to be seen by anyone other than people signing up to host Windows 7 launch house parties.

The layered hilarity of the video is hard to describe, mostly rooted in poor production, horrible writing, and bad acting by a foursome painstakingly crafted to represent diversity.  There are people wondering if the whole thing isn’t crafted, and [a]list daily pointed out yesterday that it does fit the real or hoax tactic used intentionally by other successful viral videos.  But with purely bad publicity and Microsoft bashing giving the video momentum, one can only hope it was truly a mistake and not a misguided experiment in viral.  Not counting the less than complimentary mash-ups popping up, the original video has 545,000 views on Ad Age s weekly chart and 850,000 currently on YouTube.  At least the Xbox team at Microsoft can rejoice the video for Project Natal is still on the top 10 chart.

Check out the full list and watch the videos at Ad Age {link no longer active}.