At one point, Microsoft balked at the idea of backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One, instead looking to focus on the future. However, with the introduction of Sony’s PlayStation Now program for the PlayStation 4, it could be changing its tune.

Principal lead developer Frank Savage spoke at Microsoft’s Built conference last week, and when asked about support for older gamers on the device, he stated that, in regards to places, they are in place, “but we’re not done thinking them through yet, unfortunately.” Compatibility could be achieved through software emulation, or by streaming games through Azure cloud servers.

There are some loopholes to get around when it comes to emulation, mainly dealing with the Xbox One’s x86 processing architecture, which is a far cry from the Xbox 360’s PowerPC-based hardware. It could be done, however, and such a feature would allow Microsoft to take on the PlayStation Now service over on the PS4.

There’s no word on when the program could take place, but Microsoft could announce official plans as soon as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which takes place in June.

Source: Digital Trends