In this 227th episode of “Marketing Today,” I interview Andy Zimmerman, president of Frog, a company that assists leading businesses in designing, engineering, and bringing meaningful products to market.

Zimmerman began his career as a writer traveling with the circus around Europe. “Life is just a circus,” he says whenever someone asks him about his past. He likes to think of himself as a storyteller, inspiring clients to try new things and put themselves out there. Zimmerman believes it’s essential to “make functional designs but also designs that touch people at an emotional level.” We talk about how Frog has spearheaded HBO Max’s creation, pushing to create a social platform that is “a combination of Spotify and Netflix.” He then talks about how the experience industry has begun to blend and where that takes the industry in a future that includes COVID. “To be a leader, you need to show your vulnerability so that other people feel comfortable to show theirs,” and Zimmerman tries to keep that in mind as he leads Frog into a new world!

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Andy traveled with the circus as an aspiring writer and novelist. 1:28
  • Having such a wide array of experiences has given Andy unique opportunities. 4:02
  • Andy has always fallen into the next new thing. 4:59
  • The fascinating 50-year history of Frog. 6:28
  • How the founder of Frog came to design for Steve Jobs and Apple. 8:15
  • Frog has been able to have a massive impact on the world while staying relatively small. 9:45
  • Creating HBO max and all the challenges that came with it. 10:15
  • HBO Max has added a social element to movie platforms. 11:20
  • Aligning with Tuesday Capital has been a mutually beneficial relationship. 12:45
  • Frog has been successful at separating themselves from their competition. 15:38
  • Service providers have begun to blend for multiple reasons. 17:53
  • Design touchpoints are beginning to blur. 20:10
  • COVID has led a massive push to digital and ARVR. 21:20
  • Definitions of on-site and off-site are beginning to change. 22:55
  • Andy had an experience that led to his spiritual awakening. 24:12
  • A casual conversation sparked Andy’s search for spiritual insight. 25:30
  • How religion as a child can shape your beliefs later in life. 27:15
  • Don’t ever lose who you are as you grow older. 28:50
  • Spotify has been the most impactful purchase for Andy this year. 29:45
  • Companies that are working to decrease the carbon footprint deserve credit. 31:23
  • Bell Weather brings an eco-efficient solution to coffee-making that helps 3rd-world farmers. 32:50
  • The trend of digital dominance is threatening the world of digital marketers. 34:07
  • Discovery challenges that await the retail industry in the future. 36:59

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