Binge watching. It’s more popular than it’s ever been, especially with so many TV series at a viewer’s fingertips. Netflix has taken this practice in stride, offering seasons of original shows like Marvel’s Daredevil and Orange Is the New Black all at once, making it easy for fans to sit back and watch 13 hours of programming in one shot.

However, binge watching is picking up more than some people may expect. A new report from TiVo Research indicates that while consumers are excited about the concept, they also feel a bit sad, with 52 percent of those surveyed experiencing down time once they come to the end of a TV show, according to MediaPost. Losing sleep can also play a factor, as 31 percent of those surveyed have “lost sleep to binging,” as some people can’t get enough of their favorite show.

It sounds like the findings are negative, but, in truth, binge watching has become quite popular. Overall, “binging is booming,” according to TiVo, with 92 percent of respondents in a March poll indicating they’ve taken part in finishing a show to its completion.

So why the popularity TiVo states there’s more to binge watching than just the repeat programming that appears on networks over the summer. Having a full season on hand through Netflix, Hulu and Amazon is a big plus, with Netflix leading the charge with 66 percent of those polled taking part in its video-on-demand service.

And to balance out the somewhat negative numbers above, TiVo indicated that negative perception of binge watching has dropped, going down to 30 percent compared to 53 percent from two years ago. (That’s mainly due to a lot more quality programming being offered – Marvel’s Daredevil, for instance, has been a massive hit with critics and audiences alike, despite its mature themes. A second season is in the works for next year)

Some folks won’t be even bother to watch a show until they have the time to watch a season in its entirety, according to TiVo’s findings. 32 percent of those surveyed deliberately wait until the time is right, showing a slight increase from last year. In addition, 61 percent watch three or more episodes of the same show in one day, just to catch up from a previous viewing.

The findings also show that 45 percent admitted binging because they learn about the show after episodes have already aired, putting them in catch-up mode; and 40 percent state that shows are better when watching on a back-to-back basis, instead of building up anticipation waiting for the next airing.

So those of you who think you’re the only one sitting through every season of House of Cards…you’re certainly not alone.

More details on the findings can be found here.