Disney has certainly been keeping busy combining physical devices and electronic game play, between announcements involving its new Playmation Interactive Tech and the latest release in its Disney Infinity line-up, which will have a primary focus on Star Wars. But now, it appears that the companies behind these two projects, Disney Consumer Products and Disney Interactive, are about to work together a lot more closely.

Game Informer recently reported that Disney is combining these two divisions into one unit, under the name Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media – or DCPI for short. Through the union, Disney indicated that they will work together to better align the technology development ongoing in both divisions, while keeping focus on the projects at hand. So Disney Infinity will still play like Disney Infinity, while the new Playmation project will involve players in a different way.

Jimmy Pitaro and Leslie Ferraro, two members of the Disney Consumer Products division, will head up the team, while retaining their titles as presidents of both companies. With the group, the focus will be on “cutting edge technology and immersive products.” Other responsibilities will include traditional retail product development, licensing for consumer products, social game publishing, and, of course, everything Infinity.

Disney Interactive saw a boost in operating income from last year’s Disney Infinity, which focused on the Marvel Universe, by 86 percent. That said, there were still losses in the second quarter when it came to revenues, down 12 percent. Meanwhile, general consumer products saw an increase in revenue by 10 percent, with operating income picking up by 32 percent, mainly due to licensed products in both the Frozen and Avengers toy lines.

With this team-up, both Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars and Playmation will see heavy pushes moving into the fall season, although they’ll obviously be sold much differently since they’re both unique products that offer something new to the market. We’ll see how they fare once September rolls around.