Disney has announced that it’s hard at work on an all new Star Wars game, one that will take advantage of the free-to-play gaming market while, at the same time, concentrating on an element that a lot of players have been waiting to see come back – space combat.

In Attack Squadrons, players can take on each other in online combat, in up to 16-player death matches and team-oriented dogfights. There’s also a base defense mode, where one team can work to try and overtake it, while the others attempt to defend.

Players can customize their ships however they please, and upgrade with additional parts available in the shop. There are also new ships and battles set to be introduced each month upon the game’s release, including classic ships from the films, like TIE Fighters and X-Wing fighters.

The game, currently in development at Area 52 games, should be introduced next year. Players that are interested in the game can sign up for a forthcoming beta here.

Source: Star Wars