EA Sports has already begun its huge marketing blitz for its forthcoming football game Madden NFL 16, which drops in stores (and digital release) later tonight. The game has a number of promising new additions to get the most out of players’ football skills, and it also opens up plenty of opportunities on the marketing side. Like, for instance, with Uber.

Per this post on the Uber blog, EA Sports has announced that it has teamed up with Uber to deliver copies of the game to fans that take a ride with the service today. Available across all 32 cities, the promotion will literally deliver hundreds of copies of the game.

In addition, one particular rider in each state will get an ultimate Xbox One prize pack, including a 1TB Xbox One console with a copy of the game, delivered by a current or former NFL superstar, including Ickey Woods, Derrick Brooks and Coby Fleener.

To take part, users simply need to download the Uber app for their mobile device, enter the promo code “Madden NFL’, and request the ride. The full list of promotional codes by city can be found here.

It’s a unique promotion, one that not only promotes Uber consumers into using its service, but also Madden itself. Usually, EA Sports has turned to food and drink makers to promote its product, but this marks a neat new twist in its campaign.

EA Sports is going all out to promote Madden, as it’s expected to sell millions of copies, as versions from year before have done. As part of this promotion, the publisher released a new mini-movie trailer, featuring Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, coach Rex Ryan and a variety of NFL superstars doing wacky stuff as they prepare to do battle with an ultimate competitor. That video can be watched below.