A lot of video games these days like to focus on the war front, particularly Call of Duty, the Battlefield series and Respawn Entertainment’s futuristic Titanfall. However, very few manage to provide a lesson. Not that gamers are asking for one, mind you, as they’re already entertained but what’s happening in their games. That said, CI Games is trying something a little different with its online military-based game, Enemy Front, which is available for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Today, starting at 5:00 p.m., the company will actually provide a “moment of silence” interruption within the game itself. Nothing is actually wrong with the game or the servers itself, but it’s a pre-planned interruption.

Planned as part of a promotion with McCann Worldgroup Poland, the interruption is meant to remind gamers of a particular moment in time. As the game is being interrupted, all players will be directed to a video, where they will observe citizens of Warsaw and other Polish cities as they take a moment of silence to commemorate the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, one of the most significant events in the World War II era. (Enemy Front takes place during World War II.)

It’s here that the Polish army struggled to free the city of Warsaw from Nazi Germany, a significant moment that happened exactly 70 years ago today.

CI Games isn’t looking to inconvenience players, it’s serving a reminder that war is not just a game. There are real casualties that came from World War II, and despite all the running around and taking on friends in online combat, it has a much deeper theme than most people realize.

After the moment takes place, players will be able to get back to their game. It’ll be interesting to see how they react by the stunning “moment of silence.”

The video, and how it will affect gameplay, can be viewed here.

Source: Creativity Online