Streaming game sessions are picking up greatly in popularity, with Twitch thriving with its large user base and Valve looking to offer its own services on its Steam marketplace. But streaming for mobile devices hasn’t been available until now, keeping competitive gamers from showing off their abilities. However, a new Android app certainly makes doing so more of a possibility.

VentureBeat has reported that the launch of a new app called {link no longer active} enables users to broadcast pretty much anything they put on their mobile screen to the Internet, including a variety of games like Angry Birds and ReTRY. The app ties in to a webpage, where game sessions and other mobile activities can be streamed for others to see.

With the app, Android devices now have a very compatible – and safe – way to broadcast sessions to others, with easy functionality. Even though some games come with this ability built in, enables users to broadcast other titles.

A number of mobile games are picking up in audience numbers, like the wildly popular Clash of Clans and Minecraft: Pocket Edition, so could easily widen the audience with its online viewing sessions. VentureBeat tested out the service and found it worked with very little error, as indicated in the video below.