Last week, Instagram announced that it was hard at work on a new service called Instagram Direct, one that would allow users to send messages and images to small groups of their friends and families. At a recent news conference, the company’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, detailed the service a bit further, explaining the program’s rollout over the holiday season.

“As we enter into the holidays, it’s a perfect time to be able to share with a small group or someone you love,” said Systrom.

However, one thing the company didn’t mention was how the program would enable the sharing of data, which would benefit marketers in terms of personalized sales pitches to the fellow users.

For example, if someone talks about certain shoes, that would allow a company like Nike to prepare such a pitch to an interested party.

No word yet on the exact date of the Instagram Direct debut, but it shouldn’t be too far off.

Source: Computer World