The iPhone 6 is going to be a lot more than a technical dream, as Apple has confirmed that it will be holding an event on September 9 to reveal its new tech, along with the possibility of the iWatch.

In a June 2014 study held by comScore MobiLens, it appears that the anticipation for the iPhone 6 is quite high, despite the existence of the iPhone 5c and 5s models. Approximately 35 percent of all iPhone owners in the U.S. are making plans to upgrade their phones within the next few months, according to the report.

Mobile owners are usually prone to replace their devices within two years of ownership, although some people out there do prefer to hang on to their older devices. comScore also reported that iPhone model owners that are older than the iPhone 4 show greater interest in upgrading, with about 46 percent out of those polled. 4s owners are closely behind, while iPhone 5 owners are a little less, since their devices are newer. (These are considered “tech-forward consumers,” according to the report.)

As far as mobile internet traffic goes, the Apple devices continue to lead the charge, from an analysis provided by Netbiscuits. Approximately 17 percent share of the usage worldwide belong to the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s, while the iPhone 4 models are closely behind with 14 percent. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Galaxy devices, HTC and LG Nexus models are later on in the list, just around four percent each.

So, obviously, there’s a huge anticipation behind the iPhone 6 model, as well as what it brings to the mobile picture. There’s been whispers that the device could be Apple’s largest to date, with a slightly bigger build that still makes it easy to pocket, but also a bigger display that makes it easier to play games, watch movies and perform phone calls.

All will be confirmed on September 9, and we here at AListDaily will provide a full play-by-play of the announcements as they happen, so be sure to check back!

Source: eMarketer