Giving video creators the opportunity to not only share their work but promote it based on their terms is an ideal business practice. Victorious introduced such a program last month, with Bing Chen explaining how it fulfills the desire to let users remain in control of their own digital business. Now, Machinima wants to give this program a shot, with Victorious along for the ride.

VentureBeat recently reported that the pop culture network has recently launched a new mobile app that will enable its video creators to share their apps through its massive audience. Dubbed a service that will connect “many to many,” it enables broadcasters to reach out to the network’s 170 million monthly viewers, with an outreach via direct channels.

With this platform, which is powered by Victorious, creators can now connect with fans even better than before, through exclusive content and interactive community social features put together by them.

Chad Gutstein, chief executive for Machinima, stated that the company’s audience is very engaged, especially when it comes to being social, driven by video content and “mobile first,” indicating that new apps introduced by the company have no problem being accepted.

Through the app, users can shop through a variety of content from Machinima and its talent network. Sam Rogoway, the CEO and co-founder for Victorious, added positive vibes from the app, as it can deliver interactive programming to a zealous fan base. However, it also enables Machinima’s top creators to form a better bond with fans, and get better relation when it comes to content that caters to them.

On top of that, the timing of the announcement couldn’t be better. Machinima is moving full steam ahead into the Electronic Entertainment Expo next week, and it’s also set to launch two new series very soon, based on popular DC Comics/Warner Bros. properties – Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles.

Indeed, it’s something that fans will want to keep an eye on.