Marriott is no stranger to the world of virtual reality. Last year, the company introduced an immersive 4D travel experience, where consumers could be transported to various locations using Oculus Rift headsets. But now Marriott wants to bring this experience even closer to consumers, by offering headsets that can be used from the comfort of their room.

Variety reports that the hotel chain has begun testing out a program in both New York and London that allows customers the opportunity to try out virtual reality from the comfort of their suites, with a new “Vroom Service” program. Except, this time, instead of Oculus, the test is taking place using Samsung Gear VR equipment, supplied by Samsung Electronics.

When ordered, customers can use the headset for a period of 24 hours, using it to roam through three “VR Postcards” set up by Marriott, each providing an immersive 360-degree, 3D view of each location. These include paying a visit to Chile’s Andes mountains, as well as stopping by an ice cream shop in Rwanda and checking out the busy streets of Beijing.

The service “combines storytelling with technology, two things that are important to next-generation travelers,” said Matthew Carroll, vice president of global brand management for Marriott.

Marriott also confirmed that VR Postcards will also be available through the Samsung Milk VR video service, accessible through any given Samsung Gear VR headset, developed in conjunction with Facebook’s Oculus VR division. Using tech put together by Framestore’s Virtual Reality Studio, it really provides a “you are there” approach to customers who want to step into a new world but without paying hundreds of dollars in travel.

The “Vroom Service” provides a new level of hospitality to consumers, one in which presents a new side of media that can be easily adopted. And it’s the latest move by Marriott to make its consumers feel right at home, following an announcement earlier this year that enables Netflix subscribers to log in to their service through the comfort of their room, so they can binge watch their favorite programs, even while on the go.