In the live-streaming app business, Meerkat has been struggling to keep up with Twitter’s thriving Periscope app – even with popular events like the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight. However, with the introduction of a new feature, it could easily get back into the race.

Per a report from AdWeek, Meerkat has announced that its live-streaming app is now compatible with GoPro cameras, enabling users to stream their sports activities and other events with ease straight from the app.

The procedure is simple, as per instructions provided by a Meerkat representative. “Connect the GoPro to your iOS device as you normally would and open the Meerkat app. Shake it, and a prompt will pop up to start streaming directly from your GoPro device. Note that the current version of the iOS Meerkat app only supports GoPro 3 with GoPro 4 being available in the next update of the app.”

GoPro has become quite the popular service with both partners and video broadcasts over the past few years, enabling would-be filmmakers to catch events from a first-person perspective, providing a “you are there” viewpoint. These are especially popular with extreme sports activities, including wing diving and parachuting, although they’re used for more practical purposes as well.

Meerkat tweeted about the compatibility starting yesterday, complete with a GIF-based video that explains just how easy GoPro is to use through the app, complete with little animations. It will no doubt give the company a little boost heading into this weekend’s VidCon event in Anaheim.

The only question is what this will mean for the long term, as Twitter is likely to find a way to provide GoPro support for its popular Periscope app as well somewhere down the road. For the time being, Meerkat can enjoy the exclusivity – but it should find a way to take advantage of it so that it can gain ground on its competitor.

Image: The Next Web