Microsoft formally announcied that the Xbox One has sold five million units since launch, in its quarterly earnings report. It’s important to note that Microsoft is reporting units sold to retailers, whereas the 7 million units of the PlayStation 4 Sony reported selling have been sold through to consuners. This means, depending on how much inventory is left in the channel, that Microsoft has sold something less than 5 million Xbox One consoles to consumers, so the gap with Sony is even wider than it appears.

Microsoft notched $20.40 billion in revenue for the last quarter, with a net income of $5.66 billion. During that time, two million Xbox console units have sold, including 1.2 million Xbox One systems — so the Xbox 360 is still selling pretty well..

“Xbox One has sold in over five million units since launch, and engagement has been high with users spending nearly five hours per day on their console,” said Amy Hood, executive vide president and chief financial officer, during the company’s earnings call.

“We will continue to extend the unique entertainment value proposition of Xbox One, particularly in markets outside of the U.S. where some services aren’t as mature. Xbox 360 sales exceeded our expectations this quarter. Across the platform, Xbox Live members continued to embrace the service, with transactional revenue growing 17 percent. We do expect to work through some inventory in Q4.”

Source: GamesIndustry International