Microsoft made a bold move a few months ago when it opted to sell an Xbox One system bundle without its Kinect motion device, which was causing it to be bumped up to $500. Without the device, Microsoft was able to sell the system for $400, the same price that the competitive Sony PlayStation 4 currently sells for.

Still, some folks have cried foul with the de-packaging of the Kinect device, including developers working on games that specifically use it (like Harmonix’s Fantasia: Music Evolved) and gamers who want to play such titles as Kinect Sports Rivals.

Fortunately, Microsoft has provided a solution. The company will sell the Kinect as a stand-alone device for $150 starting October 7. That’s a much heavier price than what the original Kinect sold for, going around $99, but there’s much more technology involved, and users can utilize the Kinect for more than just games, including Skype phone calls, Xbox Snap TV (where they can chat with one another through Skype video) and better streaming through the Twitch channel.

To further add to the value, Microsoft will include a download code for the game Dance Central: Spotlight, which will debut on September 2 on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This $9.99 offering from Harmonix is the latest in the popular dancing game series, featuring ten songs at launch, with the option to buy more in the weeks ahead, as they’re added to the store.

Savvy users may still be able to find bundles that include the Kinect device for $499, as Microsoft Stores still have a few in stock. However, for those who already bought a system and looking to add the Kinect to their line-up, it’s nice to have the option available.

What do you think? Will you be interested in buying a Kinect again for use with gamers and other apps Or are you just fine buying the “core” Xbox One experience as it is?

Source: VentureBeat