It’s not often you see two totally different companies get together in a partnership, but when they do, they can present an unexpected result on the market that could very well be beneficial for both parties, as well as their audience. That’s certainly the case with SuperAwesome, an ad network that deals with such brands as SuperAwesome Games, Swapit and Bin Weevils, as it has teamed up with virtual world MovieStarPlanet.

“We’re obviously very specific about who we allow to join the SuperAwesome platform, given our audience. MovieStarPlanet have a fantastic kids virtual world and we’re very impressed at how they manage their community. We’re super-proud to have them on board,” SuperAwesome’s Dylan Collins stated.

With MovieStarPlanet‘s focus on the general 13-year old audience, it expects to get a huge audience out of the deal, especially considering that SuperAwesome already has a reach of 40 million young folks in its audience.

“As both companies continue to expand our global reach, it makes perfect sense to partner with SuperAwesome” added MovieStarPlanet CMO Dennis Englund. “We look forward to targeting the advertising markets with the help and expertise of the SuperAwesome team”.

Considering that young kids and teens still enjoy diverse programming, the likes of which SuperAwesome currently offers, this is bound to be a huge deal for MovieStarPlanet, giving it free reign to create a virtual, recognizable world upon such properties that audiences will certainly cater to. While specific brands weren’t mentioned in the deal, it’s likely that they’ll see some familiar faces sooner rather than later.

What do you think Will this mega team-up bring some great new options for younger audiences? Could both companies benefit from working alongside one another’s resources? We’ll find out in the months ahead as MovieStarPlanet and SuperAwesome bring on the awesome. Maybe a StarPlanetSuperAwesome super-name is in order…

Source: GamesIndustry international