With competitive gaming and eSports at an all-time high right now, it seems everyone is hopping on board including more promotional partners.

Adweek reports that digital content network Endemol Beyond USA has partnered up with the Pizza Hut pizza chain for a new web series called Legends of Gaming. The series, based on a U.K. series under the same name, will focus primarily on eSports and competitive gaming, and will launch alongside the company’s new gaming digital channel Smasher. Toby “Tobuscus” Turner will host the show.

“My channel is about my own lack of video gaming talent and showcasing my lack of abilities,” said Turner, speaking with Adweek in a joking manner. “This is a chance for me to make fun of other people’s lack of abilities.”

The show will focus on four teams of two gamers each, who will be coached by legends within the eSports industry, including Fatal1ty, Perfect Legends, HotShot!GG, Hafu and others. The games will vary, including competitions in FIFA 16, Counter-Strike: Global Terrorism, and Doom 3: BFG Edition. (The gamers collectively boast 43 million subscribers and more than 6.5 billion viewers across their YouTube pages, Adweek noted.) And, of course, with Pizza Hut being a primary partner, look for its branding during the show as well, including logos on the set itself.

The video below shows a teaser of what players should expect from the show, which will last 37 episodes and feature player profiles and blooper reels for fans to enjoy. It’s just part of Endemol’s total of 147 different videos for Legends of Gaming.


“We picked games that we knew each of our pro gamers would excel at,” said Turner. “It was a game in each realm that the experts specialized in.”

Considering the original U.K. show managed to garner 32 million views during its run, it’s possible Endemol could be on a huge success here if done the right way, of course.

While it may seem like a debut for Pizza Hut in the video game world, that’s certainly not the case. A few years ago, the chain hired pro gamer David “Walshy” Walsh to help promote its application for the Xbox 360, working in conjunction with the Kinect motion device. Obviously, Legends of Gaming is a huge step up from that even if you can’t order pizza directly from it.