For years, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series has performed well in the video game industry, with each subsequent sequel posting big sales numbers worldwide. Now, while gamers around the world wait on pins and needles for the next big arrival in the series, Final Fantasy XV, Square has delivered a new game to sate their appetites — and build demand for the next game in a smart marketing move.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is now available in stores in the U.S. for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and set to arrive in Japan and Europe this week as well. This “side adventure” puts players in the shoes of Class Zero, a group of students that attend an elite military academy. When their country comes under attack by a neighboring Empire, they must use whatever powerful abilities and magic they can muster to hold them off.

The game takes more of an action-based approach than previous Final Fantasy titles, but it’s still true to the lore of the series, featuring enough of its staples to keep fans happy – including the traditional Chocobos, giant-sized chickens that can be used for riding and other purposes.

The most important part of Type-0 HD is what’s included as a bonus with it – a fully playable demo for Final Fantasy XV. A demo code is included with the game, which players can download to get an idea of where the next big entry in the series is headed. This game was clearly far easier to create than a full-fledged Final Fantasy game, hence the title numbering that clearly puts it off to the side of the main series. This game is, in effect, a way to market Final Fantasy XV in a way that actually makes money. It’s content marketing, in effect, building on the franchise and amplifying demand for the next big title in the series.

Although this “side story” isn’t likely to be as big a seller as, for instance, the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy that came out over the past few years, it’s still bound to get a great deal of attention, both for the main game and the Final Fantasy XV demo. Devoted fans can also pick up on a special edition of the game, available for $99 and featuring a Steelbook case, art design by artists Yoshitaka Amano, the game’s original soundtrack, an art book and five life-size replicas of cards featured in the game. Early sales have indicated that this version sells out quickly, so collectors are probably already on the prowl.

The full trailer for the game is below, for those who want to get an idea of what Type-0 HD has to offer. It’ll certainly hold fans over until the “true” sequel arrives sometime this or next year.