Vine, the short-form video sharing service, is getting a musical infusion from its parent Twitter, according to a report by VentureBeat. “Music has been part of Vine’s culture since the beginning,” notes the new Vine Music website. Now, we re connecting you to the music you love, starting with new ways to discover and create with music on Vine.”

Twitter’s really wants to get artists to share music through Vine, as a way to get discovered. For Vine users who aren’t musicians, this means there should be plenty of music you can add to your own Vines. Vine users can explore the Featured Tracks section, where they can choose tracks to add to their own videos. Twitter noted that the site is working with music publishers to make this happen. “Now that people have the ability to add music to their Vines, we want to make sure they have access to music they can use. Our editorial team selects songs they think our community will enjoy, and then we work with labels, publishers and artist management to license songs and bring them to Vine as Featured Tracks,” said Twitter in a statement to VentureBeat.

This isn’t the first time Twitter has tried to help users discover music; the company launched Twitter Music back in April of 2013, though that was shut down after a year. Now, though, Twitter is looking for the popularity of video to help drive interest in music. If Vine can line up some popular tunes, there’s no doubt people will enjoy putting their very own videos to the music of their favorite artists. We’ll be watching and listening to see how well this goes.