While the Electronic Entertainment Expo has come and gone, there are still plenty of events for fans to get excited about in the coming months. The San Diego Comic-Con will take place next week; PAX Prime will open up to its many fans in late August; and other small shows here and there, like Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo and Disney’s D23 event, will have big audiences.

What most folks may not realize, however, is just what kind of fans these events are drawing. VentureBeat recently reported that a study of 2,000 fans by ticketing and event company Eventbrite shows that there’s a great deal of excitement with attendees and “cosplayers,” or fans that like dressing up as their favorite characters at events. In fact, the study results, posted below, indicate some very big numbers, with an economic push that goes well into billions of dollars.

According to the chart above, nearly half of those surveyed go to cons quite frequently, attending at least three events per year (including the much-hyped San Diego Comic-Con). 60 percent attend at least one event that’s not local, while 85 percent of those surveyed are in the 23-56 age group — indicating that playing “dress-up” isn’t just for kids anymore.

Other results from the survey indicate that 72 percent of those that attend these conventions purchase some form of fashion, whether it’s a t-shirt, accessories or other wear tied in with their favorite brands. 78 percent prefer original artwork or prints offered by artists or companies; 66 percent buy collectibles, usually exclusives provided by retailers at these events; and 70 percent go after collectible merchandise, such as toys, figures or props.

Speaking about the results, Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture author Rob Salkowitz noted that event planners should be aware of these trends. He also pointed out that 48.9 percent of those surveyed were female, followed by 48.7 percent male — which indicates that events such as these are a huge draw for both sexes. (2.4 percent, meanwhile, were classified as “non-binary/other”).

Women show the highest interest with comic and genre-based media, with a 59 percent lead. Men, meanwhile, show more interest in general comics and graphic novels, leading by 64 percent. A lot of them are single as well, as the survey indicates that 50 percent of singles at these events are men, while 47 percent are women. (This might indicate why nerd “date night” panels at these events are picking up in popularity).

So where does the “billions of dollars” figure come into play? Through purchases. 59 percent of those surveyed indicate that they spend anywhere from $100 to $500 at these events, and that doesn’t include purchases for tickets, food or parking.

That’s not to say that everyone’s big spending, though. Only around 20 percent of those surveyed indicate that they purchase celebrity autographs at conventions, instead wishing to spend money on items like original art or toys. That’s not to say stars aren’t big draws, however — Hall H, the most popular hall at Comic-Con, consistently has a line of people waiting to get in. This year’s showcase will be no exception, featuring everything from Warner Bros.’ comic book TV shows to a panel devoted to the forthcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

More information on the survey results can be found here. And for those attending Comic-Con that wish to get more input from Salkowitz, he’ll be hosting a Future of Fan Culture panel at the event, taking place Sunday, July 12, at 3:30 p.m.