When a video hits and one that takes advantage of the Chatroulette service to boot sometimes it can just explode. That was certainly the case when a UK production team called Realm Pictures, working alongside immersive experience designers Red House Mysteries, presented the creative side of using the randomizing chat service, creating a first-person shooting video that has swept the web by storm.

Reported by Engadget, the video, posted below, features a real-time Doom-like first-person shooter experience, where players experience undead characters in a creepy graveyard setting. As part of the gameplay process, chatters would give commands to the player at hand, like “Run, run, fat boy run!” or “Go for the head shot!” In addition, Realm also backed up the action with plenty of visual effects, including blood spurts, as well as sound effects including a rocket launcher and “rhino turret.” The involvement of the players certainly takes it to another level and leads to humorous results.


Speaking with CNET, Realm’s David Reynolds said there were some snags into getting the video experience put together. “The big sticking point was being able to un-tether our main ‘actor,’ because he kept getting snagged on trees and gravestones.”

This was an experiment as a whole, but one that has paid off quite well, with nearly two million views on Facebook. “Many years ago we experimented with the concept of ‘random stranger’ control, and one afternoon strapped a webcam to my head while someone followed me around with a laptop,” says Reynolds. “The idea stuck in my head and eventually resurfaced while we were talking about fun projects for the summer. We decided to throw some of our indie film tricks behind it and see what happened.”

Considering its success, don’t be surprised if brands start hopping on this bandwagon, if only to get involved more in the experience and see what users have to offer as it plays out in real-time.